About Us

EcoSmart Solutions is a firm predicated around its specialty in energy management. We offer LED Lighting, Solar, HVAC, and have expanded into new construction, seamlessly integrating our emphasis in energy management.

Consequently, we ensure that all our clients spend as little as possible on utility. Having worked across virtually every sector in the economy, we provide turnkey solutions for all our clients in order to maximize project efficiency and customer service.

Our management team has over 30 years of experience and are USGBC & LEED certified. Further, we are constantly incorporating new technology as it becomes available, whether it be for assessment or implementation purposes.

EcoSmart Solutions pays strict attention to all federal, state and local laws and ordinances, in order to adhere to all rules and regulations. EcoSmart Solutions is consistently successful in maximizing the available rebates and tax incentives for our clients.

Holding a California Class A, General Engineering license, we are suited to handle projects of all scales and calibers, from building a single car garage in a residential home, to constructing an industrial facility spanning several city blocks. In cultivating strong relationships with banks, as well as commercial and construction finance companies, we have expanded our turnkey solutions to include financing.

Combining our ability to achieve competitive rates, with our expertise in maximizing available rebating, we are able to provide positive cash flow from the very start of our projects.

All projects, whether they be for lighting, solar, or construction, begin with a consultation, and all of our consultations are absolutely free!