EcoSmart engages clients with a full-service preconstruction team strengthened by extensive experience and expertise. We add value for clients utilizing the latest software while working hand in hand with our development team. Our preconstruction services provide cost savings for our customers through the duration of a project and continue to do so after completion. This is by means of meticulous budgeting and careful coordination in the preconstruction phase.

One of the most beneficial aspects of our services is the cohesiveness provided from preconstruction through the conclusion of construction. For each individual project, EcoSmart tailors our services, allowing for maximum time and cost savings, including:


Our designs combine efficiency and sustainability and we consider all of the latest standards per code for formulating the best design for your project. We help your project become LEED certified if that is the goal of your venture. We handle all types of mechanical, electrical and plumbing projects no matter how large or small. Our electrical services include lighting, power and control design, power distribution, lighting systems, control system upgrade and replacements, energy audits, switchgears, emergency power systems, power quality and lightning protection. Our Mechanical services include, but are not limited to: central heating & cooling systems, ductwork design & optimization, filtration systems, exhaust systems, humidity controls, and Title 24 Compliance.


  • Design-Build
  • Design Concept
  • System Evaluation
  • Equipment Selection
  • Schematic Design
  • Budgeting
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Value Engineering


  • Project Scope Development
  • Procurement
  • Expediting
  • Coordination
  • Quality Control & Inspections


  • Commissioning Management
  • Training
  • O&M/As-Built Documentation
  • LEED® Compliance

Design Build

EcoSmart’s design-build portfolio includes a variety of developments in which the design and construction services are both contracted by EcoSmart Solutions.

This project delivery system not only minimizes risks but also reduces the delivery timeline for owners by seamlessly overlapping the strategy and construction phases of a project. EcoSmart has been awarded several contracts using our methodology in design competitions amongst several qualified design-build teams.

Our success in the design-build arena can also be attributed to our maintaining superior working relationships with local leading architectural and engineering firms.

Construction managment

In addition to construction management services; EcoSmart provides a full range of general contracting types, including stipulated sum, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), or cost plus contracts – based on the preference of the client. Under these circumstances, the client will have a contract directly with EcoSmart, who will thus hold all sub-contracts and manage the construction process from start to finish. Property managers and facility owners alike greatly appreciate the ease of only having to deal with one entity, EcoSmart, as opposed to dealing with each subcontractor individually.

EcoSmart has the resources, knowledge, and experience required to keep projects within budget and on schedule, and has developed a proven track record for doing so. Our services always start with a competitive bid held between prequalified subcontractors. Unlike most of our competitors, EcoSmart does not self-perform any trade work, offering a two-fold benefit to clients; our budgets are not skewed by unfair markups of our own work and subcontractors recognize they are not in direct competition with EcoSmart resulting in fair and competitive pricing the first time around.

Due Diligence and Safety

At the very core of our investment- grade commercial and residential real estate transactions are the due diligence process, whereby an array of risk analyses are measured and evaluated as they pertain to the performance of any particular property. We aren’t just careful we have multiple technologies and reports viewed and planned meticulously. In construction, the difference between being right and wrong can be the loss of lives, public hazard, business, home, and investment.

We don’t just meet code, we exceed them to meet our higher standards.

We perform physical and environmental assessments in order to determine the number of factors relative to a given project. These factors include the presence of asbestos, energy consumption, current building essential systems, MEP fire and vertical transport, as well as the conditions of both architectural elements and physical structure. We will prepare studies and preliminary budgets that consider possible renovations or site improvements.

When the owner is considering the possible purchase of our property; we are able to prepare new reports.

We also can prepare architectural paperwork and art rendering of projects.


At EcoSmart, we recognize that our success reflects the dedication and commitment of both our own colleagues and network of reliable subcontractors. EcoSmart does not self-perform any trade work, and therefore, we are not poised to compete with those who comprise the backbone of our industrial subcontractors and suppliers.

Part of the EcoSmart Way is to help every member of the EcoSmart Team thrive and succeed, in-house and externally. To that end, EcoSmart has refined its process to aid subcontractors, without the hindrance of an exhaustive, paper-laden process.